17 March 2022
Lisbon DAO

The CIDP’s Research Project “Crafting Legal Responses to Blockchain-Based Decentralised Business Arrangements and Organisations” is embarking on a path to find answers to the questions regarding the legal challenges and the current legal state of decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) and similar arrangements in order to help shape future legislative action. 

The 1st Lisbon DAO Legal Structure Workshop is the ideal place to start trying to answer these questions, which cannot be answered without understanding how contemporary DAOs are structured, what drives them and what obstacles they have to deal with and how.

Therefore, our vision for this event is simple – to gather various team members or representatives of a varied group of DAOs or similar arrangements in order for them to present themselves, describe their governance and membership structure and to share their input on what problems they deal with daily.

March,17 - 2022, at 14:00 GMT

Free entry, upon registration

Agenda is available here

Subject to webinar capacity (up to 1000 participants)

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