Third party events
14 November 2023
Web3.0 e Internet value

The conference will provide an overview of the key topics surrounding blockchain and web3, focusing on the impact of these elements on business.

Research findings by Politecnico di Milano's Blockchain and Web3 Observatory will be presented and discussed with expert speakers, as well as firms and institutions attending. Participants will thus gain valuable insights into key trends and the potential transformative impact of web3 and the Internet of Value on traditional business models. During the event, there will be room for a plenary discussion, where participants will have the opportunity to dialogue with the speakers and engage in discussions on these topics with European institutions. The conference will be an opportunity for discussion between native web3 actors, traditional companies, and institutions, with the aim of highlighting the risks and opportunities associated with these emerging technologies.

The event (open to the public) will be held entirely in English and both in-person at the European Parliament Building and Online in Streaming. 

You can register to the online session and check out the agenda at the below link: ONLINE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE REGISTRATION 

The event will be held at the European Parliament building in Brussels and Online Streaming. If you are interested in in attending with us in the plenary room in Brussels, you can contact michela.franzese@polimi.it