Third party events
31 October 2022 - 1 November 2022

Join the Lisbon DAO Hackathon - A legal and tech hackathon organised by Lisbon DAO Observatory in collaboration with TAIKAI, AstroDAO and Dcentral Lab!

Venue: Hood Lisboa (Edifício Altejo, Rua 3 da Matinha, Lisbon)

About: Decentralised autonomous organisations (or DAOs for short) – as well as similarly decentralised arrangements based on the blockchain – are growing every day and may very well rise to be a true alternative for people to act collectively (whether for profit or not) without having to resort to traditional centralised corporate structures. DAOs present unprecedented legal challenges, and have the potential to be the transformative event for corporate law in the 21st century, putting into question tenets we have had for granted and forcing corporate lawyers to rethink what they hold as immutable and to adapt many corporate law rules to this new reality. At the Lisbon DAO Observatory, a research project set up within the Lisbon Centre for Research in Private Law (CIDP – Centro de Investigação de Direito Privado) of the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon, we are seeking to find answers for these deeply enthralling and exciting challenges.

Having engaged with the industry in our first event, and having engaged with legal academia in our second event, we will now see law and tech together at work within the context of the industry and the community, through the organisation of a DAO Hackathon that combines legal and tech challenges. As we face new issues head on, we cannot fully separate the legal, governance and technical aspects, as they are deeply intertwined and cannot be fully understood without one another.

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