18 July 2023 - 5 August 2023

🔔Save the date(s) and get ready to dive into the next exciting online events!

But that's not all - we're also excited to invite you to participate in the ONTOCHAIN Hackathons! Develop your blockchain skills and solve real-world problems, with the chance to win prizes up to 💰 €3,000 in the process.


🎯 After careful consideration and feedback from our vibrant community, we have decied to give it a little extra time for potential participants to marinate thier ideaas and make the experience absolutely mind blowing! The hackathons are postponed to ensure an even more spectacular experience for all involved: 

  • 28& 29 July: Hackathon #1 - Developing trustworthy applications that address human rights
  • 04& 05 August: Hachathon #2 - Developing trustworthy applications for commerce & other services.

By participating in this fun and exciting experience, you can get:

●        Prizes up to 3.000€

●        A certificate from a pan-European NGI web 3.0 initiative

●        Featured in an interview

●        Your talent showcased in front of a vibrant innovators community

●        Your skills pitching in front of experts improved

●        Experience developing a trustworthy application

●        Free access to the ONTOCHAIN blockchain-based services

●        Participation is online and 100% free.

You can check out and apply by 21 July 17:00 CEST if there’s a match.

Don't miss out on these exciting opportunities to learn, grow, and innovate in the world of blockchain. More info soon. Stay tuned! #ontochainsummit #blockchain #hackathon #web3 #innovation