Workshop event
29 October 2019

This workshop will be hosted in Brussels at the European Commission's DG CONNECT (Avenue de Beaulieu 25, 1160 Auderghem, Belgium). Registration is mandatory to participate, using this link

Projected agenda: 

9:30 Registration & Welcome Coffee

10:00 Introduction of the day – Agenda and objectives of the day

10:10 Presentation – Blockchain Security: The Difficulty of Protecting Digital Assets - Content: Blockchain protocols rely on mature cryptographic primitives that have an excellent security record. Nevertheless, millions of Euros in digital assets are lost from blockchain applications every year due to cybersecurity breaches. We will analyse the full stack of security-relevant components, including key management, smart contracts, infrastructure setup and human machine interaction.

11:10 Presentation – How to avoid vulnerabilities in smart contracts - Content: Highlighting existing analysis services and tools available to developers. How solutions can benefit audits and automated verifications.

12:00-13:15 Lunch break

13:15 Presentation – Securing the web thanks to blockchain - Content: Overview of currently used functionalities such as decentralized storage, prediction markets, DIDs, secured databases…

14:00 Presentation – Core components of stronger and more secure identity systems - Content: Deep dive on existing authentication and document sharing systems. Highlighting how blockchain and decentralized identity can be used to enable faster and more secure identities. 

14:50 Working Session  – Leveraging blockchain for the core cybersecurity aspects: Integrity, Confidentiality and Authenticity - Content: Interconnection and use cases between cybersecurity and blockchain (security for identity systems, authentications, traceability, payment systems, DNS…) What role for blockchain technology in the context of the Cybersecurity act? 

16:00 Conclusion