Workshop event
5 July 2018

Save the date ! 

The workshop will be held in Brussels from 9am to around 4pm and will feature presentations, panel discussion and working sessions. Projected agenda: 

9:30 Introduction of the day

9:40 Presentation - Mapping Government Services use cases: potentiality for governments and existing projects - EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum

10:20 Use case session 1: Land Registry (presentation + discussion)

11:10 Use case session 2: Analysis of a specific use case (presentation + discussion) E.g. VAT fraud, business registries, credentials (issuance & certification), patent system

13:00 Estonia: views on general functionalities / infrastructure applicable to several public cross-border services (including e-identity) + discussion

13:50 Focus on e-identity (panel + discussion)

15:00 Collective structured discussion: action & roadmap, approach at EU level. (Discussion among all participants)

A research paper on Government services and digital identity is currently being produced by the Knowledge media Institute at Open University - Academic Partner of the Observatory and Forum - and will be shared with as preparation material a week before the workshop. 

Event is fully booked, video recordings will be made available after the event.