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Decentralised Finance Report is out

A new report prepared by the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum has just been published!

The report, defines and presents the main principles of Defi and provides details about the DeFi market size, the concepts of Decentralised Lending and Borrowing as well as Decentralised Exchanges and other notable DeFi Concepts.

Check out the main report highlights in the infographic below and click on it to read and download the report!

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Blockchain & Metaverse – Why All The Hype?

The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, in collaboration with INATBA is organising an event to discuss Metaverse and the relevant opportunities and threats arising with this new digital space from the academic and industry perspective.

The event will include presentations from academia and the industry as well as an expert panel.

The event is planned for the 24th of May at 15.00 CET and you are all welcome to  join and contribute to the discussion!

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Are Crypto-Assets Different? Ensuring Proportionality and Technological Neutrality in the AML Standards of the EU

The initial text of TFOFR, introduced by the European Commission, ensured Proportionality and Technological Neutrality. However, concerns over the suggestions coming from the European Parliament and the Council caused significant market unrest and dissatisfaction. According to many market participants and technology experts, the proposals lack proportionality, compromise privacy, and ignore the technological feasibility of the requirements they demand.

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