Official Newsletter of the European Union Blockchain Observatory & Forum

We are pleased to present you with our monthly update on the activities of the European Union Blockchain Observatory & Forum. This edition of the #EUBlockchain newsletter includes a brief roundup of upcoming workshops and publications.



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Workshops & Third party events

Participation in third party events

  • The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum was invited to participate in the Blockchain ADRIA Conference ( on the 25th of March, presenting the overall project objectives and raising awareness of the community on its activities. The aim of the ADRIA Blockchain conferences is to explain and promote blockchain technologies and to connect individuals and companies along with the public government systems in sharing and implementing their blockchain experiences.
  • The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum was invited to participate in the Annual Conferene of the Austrian Blockchain Center for presenting the key findings of the EU Blockchain Ecosystem report, on the 23rf of March. The Austrian Blockchain Center is an interdisciplinary research institute focused on blockchain and related technologies.

Previous events

Our workshop on "The EU Blockchain Ecosystem developments" took place on the 2nd of March. With more than 300 participants, the workshop brought together representatives from the industry, academia, research and policy to discuss trends, drivers and obstacles faced by the EU Blockchain ecosystem, taking on board factors both at EU and Member State level. Check out the recording of the event session on our YouTube channel, an the event presentations in our website.

Upcoming events

Our next workshop, to take place on the 21st of April 2021, aims at discussing energy efficiency of blockchain technologies.

The workshop will

  • discuss and compare consensus protocols, 
  • explore cryptocurrency mining
  • analyse the energy resources used for mining operations and examine their profitability
  • compare performance of various blockchains
  • discuss scalability and performance considerations.

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EUBOF publications

  • March 2021 Trends report is out, providing latest news and updates on market, technology and regulatory developments.
  • The thematic report focusing on Energy Efficiency of Blockchain technology will be out before the end of April. Stay tuned for updates!
  • The extended thematic report focusing on Central Bank Digital Currencies and the Digital Euro is expected to be published in May 2021. Follow our website to keep up to date!

Map of blockchain education and training initiatives

We are proud to present our new website functionality, offering a mapping of existing blockchain training and educational initiatives in Europe and the world!

We invite all organisations offering such training or educational programmes to provide information on their initiatives by completing a simple online form. All entries will be reviewed by our team in terms of relevance and completeness of information and will then be made available  on the map.

Users will be able to trace down relevant information on training and education offering based on specific criteria, including country, language, type of courses offered, type of certification, etc.

Visit our website and find out more!

Blockchain initiatives and projects in a map!

Are you aware of any blockchain related initiatives or projects in your country? Are you the owner of any initiatives or project related to blockchain?

Provide the relevant information by simply filling in this form and put your project in the map!

Initiatives include: startups, non for profit organisations, academic research, open source projects, consortium, government or corporate initiatives, foundations and other.

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