In our January 2021 Trends Report, read about latest updates on...

Legal framework developments

  • Germany gives green light to blockchain-backed securities

  • Estonia tightens the vice on crypto-businesses

  • South Korea revises for digital asset gains

  • US SEC cracks down on Ripple

Technological Developments

  • Ethereum Developer Report 2020
  • Cloudflare launched a Name Resolver for the Distributed Web
  • Connecting IoT & all ROS compatible device to the digital economy
  • Bitcoin: Stable block candidates as height 666,833

Latest market trends and developments

  • OCC on banks' use of stablecoins

  • Ukraine deploys Stellar-based CBDC
  • UK asks crypto industry about rules for cross-border stablecoins

  • Testing of Digital Yuan with ATMs

  • Turkey announces digital currency pilot in 2021

  • COVID-19 vaccines stored on blockchain


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